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Rebuilt Components

When it’s time to replace a critical part of your press manroland is a leader in the rebuilding of major press components to save your business money. Pumps, blowers, Electronics, Carriage bars and Feeder heads are just a few of the programs available to you. Our rebuilt components have been certified to work as good as new, while keeping your maintenance costs in check. All rebuilt and reconditioned components are backed by a manroland 12-month factory warranty.

Pump Remanufacturing
Why invest in a new press pump when you can have your current one rebuilt at a significant cost savings? manroland is pleased to offer our press customers an alternative to a new press pump purchase through our press pump remanufacturing service. We have partnered with Rietschle Thomas, the leading manufacturer of pressroom pump technologies. This service also offers an optional free pump loaner program to keep your operation running at full capacity while your pump is rebuilt. Simply crate your exhausted pump and ship it to us, we’ll do the rest! We will disassemble and thoroughly clean your entire pump, replace worn parts with factory-approved components. We hone cylinders, pressure wash tubes, mill and machine as required, adjust clearances and make sure all chips, dust and grit is purged from the pump and back it with a 12-month limited warranty! The result is a pump that rivals new at a fraction of the cost! Click here for further details.

Lust Drive Rebuilds
For Roland 700 and 900 Presses
Customers searching for cost-effective LUST drive replacement solutions need look no further. Did you know manroland is your #1 source for genuine new and rebuilt LUST drive components? All manroland LUST Frequency Drives are pre-programmed for applications specific to the press position. Performance verification is confirmed through a CAN (Communication Access Network) to ensure your drive runs properly right out of the box. We also confirm functionality through a simulated communication protocol to further ensure your rebuilt LUST Drive performs to exacting factory specifications. Our rebuilds are performed by a factory-certified rebuilder and authorized Lust Drive service center. And remember, all rebuilt LUST Drive components come backed by a 12-month warranty. Please click here to download the latest LUST Drive pricing and availability.

CCI-2 Upgrade
We are currently stocking FDM-17 computer controlled inking scanner head retrofits. The FDM-17 offers Improvements including a longer bulb life, 4MM color bar for a larger sheet work area, new software and a 12-month limited warranty. Be sure to return your FDM-15 core to us for a core deposit. Click here to download the latest datasheet for the CCI-2 upgrade.

Carriage Bar Reconditioning: For Rekord, Parva, R600 and R800 Presses
Your business is probably nonstop morning to night. And your manroland press must perform flawlessly to keep you running profitably. That’s why manroland’s Carriage Bar Reconditioning Program can be so important. It can provide an essential service that optimizes press registration and keeps your business in business. It’s really quite simple. Here’s how it works:

  • Call us at 630.920.2015 (fax: 630.920.2005) to discuss the available Carriage Bar Reconditioning options tailored to manroland Parva, Rekord, R600 and R800 presses.
  • Remove the bars and ship them to our centrally located reconditioning center. (Ask about rental “loaner” bars to minimize press downtime.)
  • Schedule an appointment to have the reconditioned bars installed. That’s it! Fast, simple and possibly one of your best press investments. Program options range from degreasing, cleaning, setting adjustments that meet factory specifications, and visual inspection of bars for defects and worn parts to complete replacement and installation of new carriage bars. Quality control is assured by factory-trained technicians and of course, only manroland factory approved OEM parts and tooling are used. A one-year warranty assures piece of mind. Call manroland today for complete details. Delay could be very costly! Click here to download the Carriage Bar Reconditioning Program Brochure.

Rebuilt Press Electronics
manroland is pleased to offer printers a low cost alternative to purchasing new electronic PCB’s and components for their digital presses. Our rebuilt electronics program enables us to provide printers a rebuilt electronic board at significant cost savings. Our rebuilt boards are factory certified to perform to the same standards as new.

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